Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Blog adventures

Well. My blog adventure is slowly, but I believe surely, developing. I am convinced that the internet and the new social networks are an important area for ministry in general and also for my ministry. I am however still not quite sure how I should use everything. Still I believe that I am moving in the right way and that I will learn and improve on the way, often through trial and error.

Anyway, I have decided that, for the moment at least, I will have three blog sites. The first site, for the moment called Missionary Servants of God's Love For the Poor is concerned with seeking to make God's love for the poor better known and to inspire, encourage, challenge and otherwise help people to themselves in some way to become "Missionary Servants of God's Love For the Poor".

The second blog site, for the moment called Fr Umo is a blog site for my musings and my pontifications. It will contain all the blog posts from the first site plus various Christian thoughts, reflections, comments and homilies (mainly on the Catholic liturgical readings).

The third blog site will, this one, is called Fr Paul U and it contain all the blog posts from Fr Umo plus anything else I want to write which does not fit into the criteria for the first two blogs: eg commenting about the weather in Manila.

I will get there!

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